Message from G8 Paint

We - Vietnam Star Joint Stock Company - are one of the leading wood paint manufacturers in Vietnam, with a history of over a decade of existence and development.

As a pioneer in the production of high-class wood paints, we always work with a desire to produce a coating to enhance and preserve the value of woodwork, creating a perfect living space for Vietnamese people.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of G8 Paint. Therefore, after years of continuous research and development, we are proud to provide high-quality G8 Paint products and premium G8 Platinum products.


Both G8 Paint and G8 Platinum products are specially manufactured for indoor and outdoor decorative woodwork. While G8 Paint is meant to enhance the value of industrial wood, G8 Platinum is the best material to preserve the state of all classy precious woods today. (Photos of G8 Platinum and G8 Paint)


Following the principle of constantly creating value to meet the most demanding requirements of customers, in the very near future, we will continue to launch safe paint products - water-based G8 Green - with exceptional safety features for users.


Our commitment:

Only the best quality products meeting European standards and produced by leading wood paint experts in the region are provided.

All G8 products are manufactured with one of the most cutting-edge production lines at the moment.

An extensive distribution network across Vietnam, ready to serve at all times.

Above and beyond, we aim to help Vietnamese wood products reach out to the international market with a type of safe paint - water-based G8 Green!


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