G8 Paint

High-quality G8 Paint is currently the first choice for painters, customers and partners across the country thanks to its quality, reliability and economy.

G8 Paint includes a variety of types namely PU paints, NC paints, 2K paints, safe paints, etc. for indoor and outdoor woodwork, rattan products, ceramics, lacquer, crafts, plastic, and metal, etc. Possessing 6 outstanding features including environmental friendliness, highly elastic paint film, good color fastness, good adhesion, mold resistance, and good hardness, G8 Paint always brings the highest value in every product, contributing to your perfect living space!

  • PU Paints
    PU Paints
    G8 PU paints not only conceal flaws but also create the flawless, glossy and smooth look of the wood surface. The products protect and maintain the shininess of the wood ...
  • NC Paints
    NC Paints
    The G8 NC wood paint line is a type of single-pack paints convenient for interior wood products and export products.
  • 2K Paints
    2K Paints
    2K paints are a type of two-pack paints that uses hardeners (2K hardeners) to protect the surfaces of industrial and civil products. G8 2K paints include groups of matt ...
  • Safety Paints
    Safety Paints
    Safety paints are the integration of preeminent and environmentally friendly factors and safe for users.
  • Glass Paints
    Glass Paints
    G8 glass paints are 2K (two-pack) paints specialized for glasses. They have a wide variety of colors and are used for decoration.
  • Metal Paints
    Metal Paints
    G8 metal paints are 2K (two-pack) paints specialized for metals such as stainless steel, iron, zinc-plated square tubes, aluminum tubes.
  • Hardeners
    PU Hardeners used to harden PU paint film.
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