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- 1kg can (945ml)
- 4 kg can (3,814 litres)
- 16kg bucket

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PU Hardeners used to harden PU paint film.


Hardening PU paint film.


There’s a wide range of products: PU, NC: 1K, 2K


Hardeners used for indoor and outdoor wooden furniture, rattan and bamboo products, ceramics, lacquer art products, plastics, metals, etc.

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Instruction for use:

Mixing formula:

Name of product


Mixing ratio (kg)

PU Primer

PU Primer + PU hardener +thinner

1+0.4+(1.4 - 1.7)

PU matt coating paint

PU matt coating paint + PU hardener +thinner

1+0.4+(1.4 - 1.8)

PU gloss coating paint

PU gloss coating paint + Pu hardener + thinner

1+(0.5+0.8)+(1.2 - 1.6)

Scratch resistant gloss coating paint

One-pack scratch resistant gloss coating paint

+ thinner


Ingredients: Acrylic plastic, Polyester, anti-mold and moisture-proof thinner, catalyst, additives.

Function: Beautify and protect wooden surfaces, improve the aesthetic value and durability of products in all harsh natural environmental conditions

Instructions for handling:

1. Use each product according to its features.

2. Stir well before mixing the paint, use thinner or Butyl Acetate to mix.

Storage instructions: Always tighten the lid, keep the lid tightly closed, store the product in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperatures, limit exposure to direct sunlight, and keep the product away from power sources, power outlets, kitchen area.

Safety & Environment:

1. Wear a mask, gloves, and glasses to avoid contact with skin and eyes

2. Avoid discharging paint into the environment, drains, water sources, and residential areas.

3. See the instructions for safety on the product.

Note: The above formulas are the standard mixing formulas that are applied at temperatures from 25ºC to 30ºC. The ratio of hardener to thinner can be adjusted according to the weather conditions and each specific paint.

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