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Protecting paint colorsfor rattan and bamboo furniture




In recent years, rattan and bamboo furniture are using more and more popular.It is necessary that these kinds of furniture, as ones made of other materials, be swabbed regularly so that their paint colorscan maintain the shininess and the durability. It is, however, the moisture, that is the most taboo for rattan and bamboo furniture, because your chairs can be easily damaged by water, which, then, would make them difficult to be repaired. Therefore, swabbing and preserving these furniture frequently is indispensable to protect their colors and qualities as well.

Luxurious and convenient bamboo tables and chairs

  • With big objects like tables and chairs, wrap their legs, dust them regularly and polish them once every half a year.
  • Avoid spilling chemicals on objects.In case of dropping ink on a rattan chair, remove it quickly so that it can not absorbed into the object.
  • Use a small brush or soak a little soapy water into a soft cloth or a rubber sponge to swab the furniture and avoid using strong detergents, rubbing or scratching them to prevent their being ruined.
  • Rattan and bamboo furniture is only suitable for display inside the house, and you should avoid their direct contact with rain or sunshinebecause the too high temperature will possiblydiscolor the paints of these objects, causing their losing beauty and durability.

Only spend some minutes each day taking care of and preserving your decorations and then your daily life will surely to be surprisingly different.Just make the first start with your lovely house.